Feb 23, 2010

Poaching eggs

Recently we've been making a lot of poached eggs. Well, Chris makes them. He simmers a few inches of vinegared water in our biggest cast-iron pan, then slips the eggs out of their shells and into the water using a small bowl to keep them from addling too badly. A few minutes later, we have soft custardy loaves of white and yolk -- surely the best expression of egg there is.

Yesterday, I left the office in the early evening to see Phillip Gourevitch interview Mary Karr at Joe's Pub. On a low stage, they talked about memory, memoir, writing, took questions about their books, riffed on teaching, poetry, prayer. Chris and I sat on a padded bench in the dark with emptying cocktail glasses in front of us and our backs torqued towards Mary and Phillip. And at some point, in the dopey calm of one watery drink on an empty stomach, I felt like I was slipping out of a cracked shell and into an environment that might help my addled, sloppy self coalese into something rich and good.

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